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Designer, Lara Kovacevich & Lydia Tsvetnenko


DEZINFORMATSIYA represents the story of the allegorical character Oksana, a former KGB “honeypot”, used for her sensual allure in entrapment operations. Oksana turned double agent for the CIA during the late 1970’s, until her cover was compromised, leading to her imprisonment and brutal interrogation before her escape from the Soviet Union. Over the course of 2-years Oksana sought to avenge those who brutalized and double-crossed her; It is lore that her name, which is Russian for “Praise be to God”, was the last

Image Credits

Image: Jeremy Choh
Model: Claudia Todman @ Chadwick
Hair: Cody Trimboli for Redken
Makeup: Hendra Widjaja