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Designer, Kirsha Whitcher


Salasai design is conceptual, telling stories that are often dark, always beautiful and lined with meaningful contradictions. Whitcher interprets fabric to create silhouettes that are strong & tailored with subtle details of a modest feminine yesteryear. Intelligent cuts and meticulous use of colour enable unisex pieces that compliment the form and command a style of genderless androgyny. 

Each range is innovative, wearable and modern balanced with textural fabrics and Whitchers demand of quality, having developed its own signature within the fashion industry, Salasai has been a fixture at New Zealand’s Fashion Week and continues to garner national and international accolades from the likes of UK Grazia, Fashion Toast, and 

Image Credits

Primitive Play
Image:  Daniel Njegich
Model: Indiah Lavers @ Viviens
Hair: Jessica Hailey
Makeup: Carol Mackie @ MAC cosmetics.