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Chrissie Catling

S2 is understated, art-driven and considers its aesthetic, positioning and service paramount to its success.

S2 proudly showcases a number of hand-select, international designer brands whose style transcends everyday trends and collection pieces endure the ever changing, global landscape of fast fashion.

The space is passionately managed by a small team of strong individuals lead by owner Chrissie Catling, who relish their involvement with their designers + agents, whilst striving to provide world-class communication + styling assistance to their valued, loyal clientele.

Within S2's space the team enjoy pushing the boundaries with an emphasis on reinventing their gallery like environment, building installations from common place materials, drawing interest + comment from the wider community.

After a monumental decade, S2 has gained recognition from both the fashion + art worlds positioning this boutique space on the global fashion stage.




Friday 4 August, 2017
7pm - midnight
Crown Ballroom
Crown Towers Perth
Black Tie

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