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Elle Campbell Art

Designer, Elle Campbell

Elle Campbell Art

A modicum of memory balanced with limitless vision.  

An explorative process of hand painting silks creating representations of expectations and hopes jarred against shattering realisations. Balanced amongst the feeling of ikigai this process creates natural and spontaneous actions instinctively falling into Campbell’s daily rituals of cleansing and communicating. 

The print and shape of Elle Campbell Art garments evoke purest emotive response from conception through to production and wear.  Playing kinesthetically between art process and being, dubious themes are strengthened through line, colour and form evoking an unsung language. Each garment experience being as considered as each mark painted.  

Image Credits

Image: Skye Sobejko 
Model: Nicole LaBianca 

The ZOMP Creative Award

Created over 30 years ago in Perth, ZOMP is now a highly regarded national fashion shoe store destination.  ZOMP has been a loyal supporter of STYLEAID since its inception so it is a fitting and perfect partnership for this coveted award.  For 2016 the award has been presented to emerging artist/designer Elle Campbell for her inspiring creativity.